Victims of residential burglary state they never feel safe and home.  It is traumatic when the one place you should be safe is violated by a stranger.  Security cameras can provide you with that assurance that your home is safe and can also deter criminals from targeting you.  












Home Owners Associations


Apartment and Condo complexes have seen a rise in residential and auto burglaries.  Because of this, the need for high definition cameras have become paramount.   However, the placement of these cameras and maintaining the cosmetics of the buildings must always be considered.  Safe and Sound Surveillance understands your needs and has experience working on complexes of all sizes including several Historical complexes in Los Angeles and Long Beach.















From small restaurants to large warehouses, Safe and Sound Surveillance is experienced in designing and installing a customized and professional cameras system.  We understand how to maximize cameras to help secure your business.





PUP Patrol!


Keep a watchful eye on your dog because he is not just a pet, but a member of the family.  

Ever wonder what they do when you are gone?  Well now you can figure that out.


Are they tearing up your couch or chewing on your favorite pair of jeans?


Are you out of town and want to make surethe dog sitter is doing their job?


Surveillance cameras have multiple functions.

Safe and sound surveillance 


is a security closed circuit television (CCTV) installation and consulting group.  Founded in Torrance, CA in 2014, Safe and Sound focuses primarily on Commercial, Industrial and Residential applications.


Safe and Sound uses it's Law Enforcement background to design and professional surveillance system, completely customized to your needs.